Kitsune’s Kiss

Akira, the Kitsune sat in a private room of his tea house sipping rose and honey sake while he fingered his Hoshi-No-Tama. The blue, glowing bead contained half of his life force, and the kitsune guarded it with his life. Like from the samurai sent by the Lord Aihiko of this town to kill him. If they could and that if was heavily emphasized. Akira’s five tails moved behind him seemingly of their own accord, each tail representing one hundred years that he had lived. He would stop accumulating tails at 900 years, and once he reached 1,000, Akira the Kitsune would be a god himself. The tails shivered and shook waving gently, their brash, bronze color glinting in the light of the setting sun. 

Akira blew his breath out harshly, eager for the men that made it past his Oni guards. 

“Demon!” A voice called out. “Make yourself known! You are no longer welcome in this town on order of Lord Aihiko. Leave, or be killed.” 

“You can try.” Appearing as smoke behind the man, Akira thrust his tanto in the spaces between his armor twisting the blade. 

Three’s A Crowd

Lia licked her lips as she pressed her knees together. “No.”

“Really?” Seokjin smiled at her, sitting back on his knees. “You want me, and that’s fine to admit. Male or female, I attract all species and genders, or lack of. Don’t deny your lust for me.”

“It’s more like I have no plans on dying.” Lia tried to sit back but found the space he encompassed around her to be suffocating.

Seokjin wrinkled his nose at her. “Dying? How?”

He indeed was ignorant, and Lia raised an eyebrow at him, wondering if he was joking with her. Why was it so hot in there? She felt light-headed, placing a hand on her head as she attempted to lean back into the pillow.

“You’re an incubus, and you gain strength from sexual energy.” Was the room starting to spin? She thought she could hear a voice yelling at her.

“Lia.” Seokjin snapped his fingers in front of her face. “You’re running low on magick energy. You aren’t focusing enough to take more from nature or using blood magick.” Pointing to himself, Seokjin grinned. “You don’t have a familiar yet either. The force to pull me from the grimoire and the time we are wasting will draw from your life. Seal our deal or die.”

He was right. She wasn’t prepared for this, and she was stupid enough to think that she could. She could draw on energy from him, but why would he give it so freely now?

“So, I fuck you or die?”

Seokjin clucked his tongue. “Such a dirty word.  I said orgasm, and it doesn’t have to be me having one.”

Lia found herself on her back, Seokjin’s hands at the waist of her sleeping shorts. He pulled them down slowly, staring into her eyes for confirmation.

Lia’s heart rate kicked up. She swallowed hard as her shorts fell to the floor and Seokjin’s pale hands rubbed over the brown flesh of her thighs.

“I’m a virgin.”

“I know.” One ankle on his shoulder, he placed gentle kisses down her calf sending electric sparks to her core.

“I don’t want…” 

Seokjin nibbled on her heel before sucking a toe into his mouth. Now on his belly, his mouth covered her stomach with quick kisses. 

“Don’t take my…”

Her head was swimming, and Seokjin’s tongue was swirling across her panty line, one hand was cupping her heated sex. Pink eyes found hers just as his mouth blew hot air on her mound, enough to make Lia’s hips raise from the bed. Seokjin flattened his tongue and licked up her panty-covered mound.

Smacking his tongue, he hummed slowly, the only light in the room from his bubblegum-colored irises. “I won’t just enjoy this.”


“I’ve never heard you sing before.” Maya grinned, tapping her fingers on the counter.

KyuBeom had his back to her, mentally cursing himself. “Yea, I like to sing.”

“You sound so good! Why haven’t you sung for me before?” She came further into the kitchen watching him cook.

“You never asked, and also it’s no big deal. There are lots of people in this world who sing.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

“Ok, that’s them. I know you. Sing something else for me.” She rested her hand on his shoulder, turning him towards her.

“Maybe, another time.” He grinned, trying to concentrate on the pot in front of him.

“Please? Come on, you said you were an entertainer, that means, you’ve sung in front of people before.” Maya wasn’t giving up, and KyuBeom knew he had dug himself into a hole.

“Yes, but not anyone that I cared..not anyone that made me feel like you do. It’s different.” He stood facing her now, arms over his chest, a spoon in one hand.

“So, how do I make you feel then?” Maya pulled him away from the stove and against the counter, her body pressed into his.

“Like I could fly. Like, nothing else matters when I’m here with you.”