As I’m sure many of you have heard of the app called Episode. What I didn’t know was that you were able to create your own! So, guess what I’m about to do? You know it! Stay tuned for when I publish the first!

Great Things Happening!

Have you heard of Glosse Magazine? They are a spectacular magazine focusing on fashion, art, and culture from Black Creators! Glosse magazine will be releasing it’s first PRINT ISSUE soon! Guess who will be having their interview featured in it? Moi! I’ll be updating the site as it happens and of course the fastest way…

Still Tundra

The tundra is still at night.As seals gather on ice floes in the bay,there’s only the moon’s guiding light. The huskies bundle together airtight,noses tucked under tails until the rising of day,the tundra is still at night. Musk oxen protect their young from the wind’s bite,against the wolves looking for easy prey.There’s only the moon’s…

One Red Tomato

One red tomatoit’s smell reminds me of himrobust and earthyhe’s gone but the smell remainstrapped in sorrow and regret


I think of you both sleeping and awake.My heart yearns to be with you,but what solace can I findin what I cannot hold?

No Name Cinquain

Deep breaths fill the gaps of silence in the trees. There’s tension in the air-an excitement. Dread is a communicable disease. There is no god for the prey to appease, just the incoming judgement from the tyrant.

An Itch

There’s something about your brain running wild. Anxiety making your nerves feel riled, hoping and praying this attack is mild trying to make sense of thoughts compiled Yet, here I lay feeling lost and defiled.


Aaliyah fixed her hijab around her face, as her butt started to tingle on the stone ledge. Insomnia was a pain she prayed for a cure to constantly. Eyes tingling, she laid backward on her blanket, arms behind her head. The moon hung overhead, large and white. Its gray craters seemed darker tonight, and Aaliyah…

Short story update tomorrow!

I think I’ve found the perfect little snippet of something to give to you guys. I need to revise it, but this is something I have always been very proud of!

Versed with Melancholy

Robert Frost has long been one of my favorites poets. His ability to weave metaphysical detail into words is what I love most, and so in tribute to his poem: Acquainted with the Night, I have lovingly penned this. I am well versed with the clouds of melancholy. I am aware of the fog that…