Great Things Happening!

Have you heard of Glosse Magazine? They are a spectacular magazine focusing on fashion, art, and culture from Black Creators! Glosse magazine will be releasing it’s first PRINT ISSUE soon! Guess who will be having their interview featured in it?


I’ll be updating the site as it happens and of course the fastest way to get news on anything I write or do is on Twitter! I’m very excited about this!

The next amazing thing, is that my novel, Reminiscing will now be carried by the Kyle Public Library! YAY! I’m trying to make sure, it’s available in other libraries in Texas as well! Of course, you are welcome to submit it to your local library wherever you are! I could use the help.

Last, but certainly not least! I will be featured on a live radio show by Jeffery Roshell of BlogTalk Radio. My spot will be 12/14/19 and of course, live callers are welcome! Stay tuned for more info dropping soon!

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